About Us

Rogers Tree Services, LLC is a small family owned/operated business that started in 1992. Roger started the business and has been the owner/operator since. Roger started the business with a 1969 flatbed pick up truck that he used to hand pile brush then unload the brush by hand. He used a worn out O41 chainsaw that was given to him. Roger save up the money to buy a 1953 drum chipper from another tree service. As the business grew we were able to invest in newer updated equipment.

Roger learned how to repel down from the rafters of a shop that had high ceilings. Roger would climb up a ladder about 16ft, throw his rope over the rafter then tie into the climbing belt, the ladder was pulled away and I would repel down. Roger learned how to use a chainsaw prior to starting the business by working with his uncle, stepfather, and grandfather that were all skilled in tree felling along with other aspects of proper chain saw use.

Since the business was established in 1992 we have had a number of repeat customers as well as “word of mouth” referrals. A goal that Roger has as the owner/operator is to pay close attention to the customers needs as well as safety. Through out the years Roger has learned how to communicate safety concerns as well as specific conditions for each job. In doing so we are able to maintain a good relationship with customers.